Arctic Freeze Beard Bundle
Arctic Freeze Beard Bundle

Arctic Freeze Beard Bundle

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Get the complete package with our beard balm and beard oil bundles. Promote a healthy beard that smells great. Includes Beard Brush of your choice! 

Freshen up like the Arctic. 

Perfect balance to keep you Fresssh! 

Our Arctic Freeze beard balms and oils contains 9 natural carrier oils that protect the overall health of your beard.

  • It will SMOOTH and SOFTEN your BEARD!! 
  • Helps Shape/Tame beard hair! 
  • Eliminates Frizziness! 
  • Not to Mention Smells GREAT! 

The oil is more for the skin where the balm is for the shaping of the beard. 

Scoop a dime size amount, warm up in your palm and apply. Add the finishing touches with your beard brush!