Who We Are

We are a group of bearded men who take serious pride in our beards. We have made it our mission to provide you with the best all natural beard products so you can keep growing! Emperor Beard Oils and Balms contain all natural oils that promote and maintain beard health. 





Don’t worry, you’re not alone.  It’s what the average person experiences when embarking on that bearded endeavor. Whether you have decided to take your beard to greater lengths – pun intended – or just trying to maintain your scruffy shadow, we are here to help take your beard from average to Emperor.

All our products contain 9 carrier oils that assist with the most common things you’ll encounter on your journey to beardom.


  • Hempseed Oil: Prevents Breakage
  • Grapeseed Oil: Prevents Dryness
  • Pumpkinseed Oil: Stimulates Facial Hair Growth
  • Argan Oil: Makes Facial Hair Soft and Shiny
  • JoJoba Oil: Moisturizes Hair with no residue
  • Vitamin E Oil: Improves dry and brittle hair
  • Apricot Oil: Aids ‘Beardruff’, moisturizes skin under the beard
  • Avocado Oil: Prevents hair loss
  • Sweet Almond Oil: Seals in Moisture & Promotes Hair Strength

Along with these 9 carrier oils, each individual product also includes a proprietary blend of essential oils that helps you stand out from the crowd. From masculine to fruity, we won’t judge you. 

Check out each product to find out its unique scent.