Why Does My Beard Itch?

Guest Post by: Anthony Walker 

A beard is one of the non-provocative stylish ways of adding more details to your personality. Depending on how you groom your beard, you may be on your way to attracting more women, positioning yourself to be taken seriously, and showing off your manliness in a subtle way.

While you are thrilled by the prospects that come with being a well-bearded man, you may not have thought of something. That is the itches that come with having a beard!

There are times when you will feel that tiny sensation building up beneath your skin. And before you know, it becomes full-blown itches.

Why Do I Have Itches in My Beard?

That is the right question to ask! You have to figure out why your beard itches in the first place before you consider the solutions.

If you’re not sure what may be the cause of itchy beard, here are some clues to that:

Dry Skin

You may believe it or not. But the fact is that as a new beardsman, you tend to have itches in your beard when the skin beneath it is dry.

Many factors can contribute to the dryness of the skin beneath the beard. Some of these are not moisturizing the beard and not using the right beard styling products. 

Coarse Whiskers

Your razors can also contribute to the itches you feel in your beard. Ideally, there is a chance that the sharp blades will cut your coarse whiskers at an angle.

You may not notice this at first. However, when the beard begins to re-grow, the sharp edges will start digging into your skin and that will be a reason why the beard will itch.

How Can I Stop My Beard from Itching?

Your beard can stop itching if you follow the steps we’ll share below:


Every good beardsman already knows that the importance of a brush cannot be under emphasized.

When you brush the beard, it will be easier for it to have a smooth texture. Brushing your beard also makes it ideal for the instant distribution of the beard oil.


You may not have all the time in the world to wash your beard. But regular cleaning of your beard is important.

An ideal way to go about this is by using a natural beard wash to wash the beard. After that, wash it off with warm water so it can be clean.


We may not always have the time to groom the beard, as we want. However, you mustn’t fail to trim it because this is essential.

Trimming the beard can be as simple as cutting the sparse hair or trimming it to the length and shape you want.

Moisturize Your Beard

A beard that doesn’t have moisture has a 90% chance of itching. Moisturizing the beard simply means applying your beard oil so it can always be soft all day.

Stop Your Beard from Itching

From cleansing to trimming the beard, you have a lot of ways to stop your beard from itching.

What causes your beard to itch and how do you stop that from happening again?


About the Author

Anthony Walker is founder and editor in chief at Beard Base. You will often find him rocking out a different beard style, and searching for new, improved tips and tricks for facial hair maintenance. Anthony also gives vent to his creativity by writing illuminating articles on the subject, striving to share his knowledge and reveal the simplest, yet the most effective ways for grooming your facial hair.



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