The Best Way to Grow A Beard

The Best Way to Grow A Beard

 Most of the people on this planet are living with a common misconception that hairs on the face grow at a similar rate as that of the scalp. But the true fact is that they grow faster on your face.

There are some technical factors behind the growth of beard that you need to understand. Actually, the growth and thickness level of your beard hair is completely dependent on dihydro testosterone and testosterone hormone. If your body follows perfect hormonal balance, you can have an impressive beard; otherwise, you may need to make some additional efforts to grow it. Experts also advise taking care of diet routines and health care habits to grow a beard faster. Well! The best way to grow a beard is different from person to person. Still, in order to assist you in getting desired results, we have highlighted a few essential beard growth tips to follow during your bearded endeavour.  

The Best way to grow a beard

First things first! If your facial hair is not growing fast, it is good to follow these simple beard growth tips:

Step 1: Care for your body:

Studies reveal that hair health and growth is directly related to the overall condition of your body. In order to promote facial hair growth, you must improve your diet first. Prefer to consume more proteins; they can be in the form of fish, eggs and beans. At the same time, get rid of stress to boost your mental health. Quality sleep, routine exercise and a healthy diet improves blood circulation in the body that has a direct relation with better growth of hair.

Step 2: Drink plenty of water:

As like seeds in the agricultural fields, your beard also needs more water to grow faster. People who drink plenty of water and ensure proper hydration to their body are likely to have a better beard. At the same time, you must consume food rich in vitamins and minerals that can enhance follicle health in your body. Experts advise consuming around 64 to 80 oz water per day to grow a beard faster.

Step 3: Quit smoking:

Although you may not find more studies concluding the impact of smoking on the growth of beard, many researchers have found some relation among these factors. It is observed that smoking has a direct impact on beard health. Cigarettes reduce blood circulation in the human body; as a result, the beard growth starts reducing. Once you quit smoking and ensure healthy diet in routines, you can have a fully-grown beard in very less time.

Step 4: Use right beard care products:

In order to maintain the overall health of your beard, you must make some additional efforts for its care. Prefer to keep it clean and healthy with our Arctic Freeze Beard Bundle. Emperor Beard platform is loaded with specifically designed carrier oils that can help you to remove dead skin and unwanted oil build-ups leading to better hair health on beard. Some mild soaps and scrubs are also essential for growing beard faster.

Happy growing everyone!




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